Is there a possibility to get an alert when closing the last window?

  • Hello, I'm occasionally losing all of my pinned tabs. Sometimes, when I open Vivaldi, my sidebar is empty. Could it be that I by accident closed the window instead of quitting the app? In Firefox, when there's a similar problem, Firefox says "Ooops, it's embarrassing" and offers to restore my tabs. This would be cool to have also in Vivaldi. Is there's a setting that I should be aware of which provides more safety? Thanks, Martin [i]P.S. Currently I use macOS Time Machine to get the Default profile back.[/i]

  • The issue with losing the tabs (in my case I have them vertical at the right side) seems to arise when Vivaldi is set to launch upon logging into my account on my Mac. Vivaldi was for some strange reason set as a startup item.

  • That's pretty peculiar.

    Does anybody else have Vivaldi set as a Login Item at "System Preferences->Users & Groups->Login Items"? If yes, does that also cause Vivaldi to lose your tabs from the previous session?

  • I had Vivaldi in my start up items and have no idea how it got there (not by me knowingly and I don't share my computer with anybody). So I manually took it out and the problem is gone. I will test soon on a backup to verify if that was the source for losing the vertical tabs.

  • Excellent, thanks for your help!

  • I ran Vivaldi from a backup partition where it was set as an item to launch at login. The tabs were still there. However I had Internet turned off which may not be important for the issue.

  • Hmm, maybe it was just a freak incident then. Thanks for doing the test.


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