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  • :blink: The start page should be configured like Chromium, not Baidu. I want to be able to load the startup papaly extension and have it appear first! 😎 I also don't understand the obsession with red, I love the matte black but the red clashes with everything except Christmas green lol. 🤢 Give us some options Vivaldi! Fix the start screen; you're trying too hard there. Still my favorite browser. #vivaldi ☻

  • If you want to use papaly extension like "new tab" you need:

    • open Settings->Tabs and find "New tab" section
    • enter the address in field - "chrome://newtab"
    • profit!

  • Top and bottom bars take way too much space in Start Page. Just look at the top bar on this site.

    Hardly any space is left for thumbs/icons - when those are so huge!

    I can have only 17-18 icons/thumbs visible at the same time on screen on Vivaldi. On Opera I can have 29-30 icons/thumbs showing on screen at the same time - and this is with Vivaldi user interface 90%

    The top white bar (menu) doesn't seem to be changing size at all.

    At this rate it won't be until Vivaldi 2.1 when should… could we see some progress?

    But this site is also scaling "badly" - again the huge top white bar and massive text sizes throughout the forums. I keep this site at 90% page/tab scaling, but still a lot of texts are biggy!

    My resolution: 1680x1050, monitor Lenovo L2251pwD, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, Vivaldi 1.4.x 32-bit, no artificial scaling through GPU!


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