BBC text is in italics … why ?

  • I read various news websites and all look fine ... except BBC (Note that I'm using 1.3.544.25 (Developer Build) (64-bit)) (If I use Avant browser it looks fine) Why is everything but the headings in italics ? See clip attached [attachment=4141]BBCitalics.jpg[/attachment] Attachments: [img][/img]

  • No such problem here. Try restarting your browser. Maybe a style sheet got lost.

    This forum screws up attachments, so I could not attach a screen shot.

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    All-italics text, or all-bold, or all-bold italic normally means the site is using a font your system can't find.

    In the three cases I have seen this happen on Windows, a re-install of the Windows font pack fixed it.

  • Quite right Ayespy … Thank you

    I don't usually use Google Chrome either but I then saw it had the same issue on BBC online

    I replaced all the Arial fonts in the Windows / Fonts folder and now all looks fine in both G Chrome and Vivaldi :)

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