(Bug) with adding a bookmark (not speed dial)

  • As Pesola adviced I updated the browser to a snapshot version 1.3.544.25 but it seems to have even more bugs than 1.2. The bug with the close tab button is still present and I just found a new one - when adding a bookmark, one has to enter name for the bookmark and the address. In 1.2 it was enough to press Enter after adding the address and the bookmark was created. Now the Enter key does nothing and the only way to have the bookmark added is either restarting the browser or clicking somewhere outside the field for address. Note that the latter doesn't work always.

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    Works like that after adding bookmark URL: tab key into description field of bookmark and hit Enter.

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    My default browser has always been the snapshot. It MAY have a regression or two, and some bug(s) that the stable lacks, but it also has more features and refinements, on the whole, than the stable, at all times. On only a single occasion have a found any snapshot to be less usable than any prior version - and they always contain features previously unavailable.

    My browser is my workbench and my office. I work in a very data-intensive field. So far, (fingers crossed) in over 17 months, I have never had a data loss or an unusabilty issue, but for ONCE, which I solved by rolling back to the prior release until the next release came out with the bugfix.

    Not everyone is suited to the snapshot experience, but I have found it an excellent way to keep up with the torrid pace of development that Vivaldi Team are churning out.


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