(Bug) with tabs, I can't explain it well, you gotta see it

  • [img]http://www2.pic-upload.de/img/31307576/ScreenShot82.png[/img] A moment ago a strange bug with tabs appeared and there seems to be nothing I can do to make it go away. Look at the tabs I've opened - there's a line beneath the tab name (I have increased the size of the screenshot for better viewing). If you look closely at the middle tab, you'll see the line has red and green color as well which are part of the site's logo image: [img]http://www2.pic-upload.de/img/31307575/hategame2.png[/img] Edit: I found what the bug was and I fixed it but for how long it will stay fixed, I can't say: somehow the browser has activated the tab option to show "attached views", altough that was one of the first things I disabled when I installed Vivaldi for the first time.

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    The bug was fixed in an earlier snapshot. If you are using an earlier version, or if you have tab previews enabled, it is possible to drag the separator down a fiew pixels, or not to close it properly after viewing the previews.

    • Disable Tab Bar resizing with Tab Thumbnail mode OFF (VB-16326)

    I noticed a new bug when middle-clicking on the separator. A new tab opens.

    I reported this bug:

    (VB-19949) Middle-click on Tab Bar separator opens a new tab

  • I use the stable official version, not betas.

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    OK. In the "Official Stable Version," You can grab the bar below the offending peek-a-boo's and slide them shut.

    Unfortunately, though the bug is fixed in later versions, you cannot disable your ability to accidentally drag the thumbnails open again, so you may have to once again slide them shut at a later date. If the bugfix in the snapshots survives the development process through to version 1.3 final, then in 1.3 when you disable tab thumbnails they will still stay disabled even if you accidentally drag on the bar below the tabs. Thank you for your patience.

  • There's an option to disable that thumbnail under "Tabs" in Settings. The point is that the browser somehow re-activated this option, making these… "thumbnails" (or whatever they are) to appear. I suppose that's the actual bug to be reported - re-activating options on its own, when it shouldn't.

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    Not really. You don't have to report anything. The bug is fixed. No bugfixes will be backported to Version 1.2 at this late date.

    What you have to do is update or live with it. If you stay on 1.2, you can set the thumbnails not to show, but the second you drag that bar, there they are. If you drag it all the way down, you get to see them in all their glory. This can't happen if you have the tabs on the right or left - only on the top or bottom. If you stay on 1.2, and you see it again, now you know how to fix it. Drag it shut.

    So the thing is, this is a really old bug, it was reported dozens of times, everybody knew about it, it was finally fixed in recent snapshots and we ASSUME the fix will stay in through the release of the next stable version unless there's an unexpected regression. But your options right now are to update or to live with it AND, if you do update and they break it again before the next stable is released, THEN report it - because that report will be meaningful.


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