Vivaldi Latest version on MacOS Sierra - Bounces 15 times before launch

  • Hi all It appears Vivaldi on MacOS Sierra is not fully compatible as the icon to launch the application bounces about 20 times before the application launches and this is on a brand new current model MacBook Pro and this also occurs with Chrome. This seems to only occur with Chromium based browsers for some odd reason. Any ideas as to why this is occurring?

  • I don't have the macOS Sierra beta installed and I don't have a good idea what could be causing this issue. It could be that some kind of timeout that needs to happen until the app fully opens, but that is just speculation.

    Since Chrome is affected too, I am optimistic, though, that either Apple will make changes on their end to prevent this issue from happening or it will be fixed in Chromium, which Vivaldi will then get after a short delay.


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