Facebook header not scrolling down

  • Hello there, As title says, sometimes facebook header doesn't scroll down with the page aswell. I couldn't figure any pattern when this thing happens. This is when header is scrolling down: http://imgur.com/hLBUluk This is when it doesn't.: http://imgur.com/qlCqbSA

  • Do you have any extensions that tamper with Facebook's default settings? I've seen this bug "once upon a time" - with Firefox and Facebook Purity which also works with Chrome and Opera. This extension changes stuff about Facebook and bugs the header exactly the way you're showing. And not only it bugs things but it also makes every browser veeeeery slow.

  • Nope, everything is default. The extensions that i have are Magic Actions for YouTube, Reddit Enhancement Suite, SearchPreview and uBlock Origin so nothing to interfere with Facebook.

  • Then I'm out of ideas. I have no such a problem with FB and Vivaldi - x86, latest official stable release.


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