Make positions of the bars depending on the screen vivaldi is on

  • 1st, let me explain the context. I have a dual-screen setup, 1 screen facing me (main), and the other on a side (secondary). Those screens have different sizes and resolutions, the secondary one being a good old 3/4 screen (I really miss them, especially for browsing internet, where the content is more vertical than horizontal, but it's not the point). I am not exactly facing the main screen, there is a small offset to allow me to quickly switch my attention from one to the other. I have placed the tabs and the panel on a vertical setting, currently the panel is on the left side and the tabs on the right, and this is nice when vivaldi is on my main screen, because then the tabs are on the side I look the least (right side of main screen is the farest), and it's the larger bar of the browser. But when I switch the browser to the secondary screen, that bar comes almost directly to my point of attention, pushing more useful informations more far from my attention. Let my try to show what I mean: Vivaldi on main screen: [code] +----------+ | | +---------------+ | | |**************| | | | **| | | | **| | | | **| | | | ***| | | |****| +----------+ +---------------+ [/code] Vivaldi on secondary screen: [code] +----------+ || +---------------+ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | || | | +----------+ +---------------+ [/code] The asterisks () represent the vivaldi's interface, the larger (at right) side being the tabs, the top one is the menu (that I have no idea how to remove, the best I could do was to reduce it to an icon, but then it still takes the whole line. If it could be merged with URI bar, would be very nice), the bottom one the URI bar and the left one the panel (which can be hide easily). I just had the idea that, if vivaldi could «mirror» it's bar's positions depending on the screen it is on, that would greatly improve that kind of setups (the secondary screen being on the right or on the left side being meaningless, as long as the bars can move depending on the screen the window is on). About the technical stuff, I have no idea about how to do that on windows, mac or wayland, but for systems using X11, I think it can be managed with xrandr. If not, there is also a solution to have some way to send a command to vivaldi from the wm before changing it's place (it would be the 1st time I could see a use to dbus, but it's not the good day to troll about it).


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