@Gwen-Dragon Already planned, but no timeline. Of cause, I'm going to ask that you consider putting forward a timeline. I would also like to re-iterate some of the features being requested: Openness, in the sense an external application or event may trigger a macro or talk to an API. Security the counter point to expressiveness and ease of use but a challenge to allow real power to be released safely. Simplicity a low entry barrier for new users and developers. Expressiveness, tools that don't get in your way and meet your needs. The ability to shoot yourself in the foot is very different to getting shot in the foot by a misfire. Distribution, the ability to create a macro once and re-use it elsewhere.. Lastly I'd ask that in this endeavour Vivaldi is made the standard and model for front end macros. In the vein of repetition, I will say that I believe a feature set like this would put Vivaldi in front of a whole set of new users.