Future (Vivaldi Specific Features) Automatically add Web Panel when installed -- need an api from Vivaldi to detect this or to get a list of panel urls Utilize Tab Stacks during coupon search Qpongo has a coupon search feature where it pulls up the top coupon search engine results then opens each coupon site in a new tab while it evaluates them. It would be a cool animation to see these sites open up in a Tab Stack -- need an api from Vivaldi to open a new window as part of a tab stack. Automatically Highlight or Open Web Panel when Qpongo can help. Right now Qpongo changes the toolbar icon color between grey and orange when you're on a web shop where Qpongo can help. It would be cool if Qpongo could change the web panel icon color or could open the panel when you get to a shopping cart page that has a coupon code text box -- need an api from Vivaldi to expand the web panel. Release Notes Initial Vivaldi Release 2019.4.30.1 - 20 minutes ago on 30-04-2019 I NEED YOUR HELP! Ideas? Suggestions? Please share. You can contact me 24x7 via any medium you want. Click the feedback icon in the Qpongo web panel 0_1556698835790_7ccf4f5a-0ab0-4cfb-9943-2a5d92f4a258-image.png Feel free to send me a PM here, send me your callback #, email address, Skype, Telegram, Signal, Viber, etc. and I'll contact you so that we can chat. Post here Send a feedback with one of the Qpongo chatbots on Skype, Facebook, Telegram or Kik -- just type "feedback" BUGS? The code is very mature but this is my first release so there could be bugs. If there's a site that doesn't work, tell me and I'll get it fixed within 24 hours.,