@LonM Oh yeah, certainly, logic does not play a large role in many/most horror &/or dystopian films, but usually i'm willing to go along for the ride. As i've aged i find myself surprised at the palpable decrease in my ability to withstand horror films. As stated, this one really scared me. My all time record holder though, which gives the lie to my remark about age, harks back to my early 20s. The night i saw Poltergeist with a group of friends had a visceral physical reaction in me, not just emotional. After eventually getting home in the wee small hours i could not sleep at all, & indeed became uncontrollably restless & itchy. A rash [hives?] had broken out on me, & i had to stay in a cold shower for ages. My dog that movie got to me... it really scared the beetlejuice outta me