This isn't just an issue with that one forum, it happens in just about every text box where code can be inserted. I have the issue on multiple VBulletin forums, as well as one other that appears to use the same software backend as that Thai Visa forum in the OP. Trying to apply any kind of BBCode seems to have a 50/50 chance of working. For example, if I have the sentence "This is an example" and I highlight the word "example" and click the B (bold) text button, it should change in the text box to this: "This is an [B]example[/B]" but most of the time it'd do this instead: "[B][/B]This is an example". Does that make sense? It's inserting the code but not at the right spot. Very annoying. The issue began with the update to 1.9; it was fine in 1.8 and has always worked in Chrome and other browsers. Very early in the beginning days of Vivaldi, this same issue cropped up but it was fixed before I could write a bug report.