Surprising variants. The intricacies this topic has taken !!! Who I assumed a gratuitous disaffection revealed to me a lucid, comprehensive person, owner of coherence and mastery of expression.

Had I known this before, I would have accepted the negative votes, for they are fully justified to me. It is time to be reconverted again.

By the way, with 34 reputation points, I start judging them too much for my merits. I do not want unjust scarcity or abundance. I'm afraid I have a vertigo, I suffer from acrophobia, and plunge down the pedestal. :worried:

@forte95 said in Slogans for the Vivaldi browser:

(just thought yours were too verbose)

My trademark. Temperament and taste. Henry Fielding's admirer (and his fabulous "Tom Jones"). But also because I am not a native English speaker. I just do not give up because I had the happiness of reading this show of sensitivity and cordiality, which every foreign reader of the forums should read.